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Sheep River Health Trust

The Sheep River Health Trust
is a community supporting local health and wellness.

Sheep River Health Trust

Many Small Efforts Lead to Big Results

The Sheep River Health Trust began as a women’s auxiliary, raising money for the Oilfields General Hospital through small funding efforts. In 1994 the Oilfields Foundation was established as a registered charitable organization to raise funds for the hospital and the adjoining senior’s long-term care facility, Rising Sun Long Term Care, in Diamond Valley.

In 2004, Okotoks region was added to the Oilfields Foundation mandate. The Oilfields/Okotoks Foundation was renamed to the Sheep River Health Trust. The organization has expanded its services from funding equipment purchases to supporting wellness programs and facilitating health services.

The Sheep River Health Trust is dedicated to supporting the provision of comprehensive health services in the Foothills area. The Health Trust aims to promote health and well-being throughout our local communities by working in partnership with the residents of the area.

The SRHT is a registered charitable organization that raises funds to maintain and enable health services and wellness programs for the residents of Longview, Diamond Valley, Millarville, DeWinton, Okotoks, and the surrounding rural area.

Holding Hands Sheep River Health Trust

Our Values

  • Wellness – Includes physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness which is the responsibility of everyone. The Trust’s mission is to secure the resources and services that deliver wellness.

  • Philanthropy – Encourages and fosters financial generosity and volunteerism for residents and businesses in our community.

  • Compassion – Ensuring each decision is based on compassion for individuals and families in need.

  • Engagement – The Trust provides opportunities for members of its community and AHS staff to collaborate in planning meaningful activities, programs, and services that achieve the objectives of the SRHT.

  • Respect – Each member of our community is valued; the Trust respects its donors, volunteers, and Alberta Health Services staff. The Trust provides a positive work environment for its employees, volunteers, and directors.

  • Diversity & Inclusion – All members of the Foothills are welcome as we strive to create a happy and healthy community.

  • Accountability – The Trust is fully transparent and accountable to the community through its operations and activities. As a respected non-governmental organization, SRHT reports on its performance annually to the community.

Our Team

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell

Executive Director

ph. 403-995-5400

Christine Oakes

Christine Oakes

Fund Development & Communications

ph. 403-995-5400

Our Board of Trustees

The SRHT successfully raises funds to enhance and support community health services in areas not provided for by government funding. Our volunteer Board is comprised of up to 14 trustees and are responsible for the overall administration of the Health Trust. We require all Board Trustees to attend 5 Board meetings yearly,  the AGM, 2-3 yearly planning meetings,  and stand on one committee.​ Trustees are encouraged to attend most, if not all of the major fundraisers hosted by the Trust

While the Board encourages membership from professionals in Health, Finance, Law and HR, as well as individuals with experience in fundraising, members of the general public with an interest in Health Services are encouraged to apply. The Health Trust has a place for everyone.

Kerri Alexander
Kerri Alexander

We moved to Okotoks just over 15 years ago and have been so thankful every time we didn’t have to go into “the big city” for our health care needs.  This became even more prominent once we had our two kids.  In the early days of having our daughter, we were introduced to the Sheep River Health Trust through their Photos with Santa event which was yet another great reason that we didn’t have to travel into Calgary AND were able to support some amazingly impactful health initiatives that SRHT was funding.  I had the great opportunity to become a bigger part of this when I joined SRHT’s Board 3 years ago and have gained an even deeper appreciation for how much funding is needed to support these critical projects and equipment in an effort to keep healthcare as local as we can here in the Foothills.  

Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson

When I look at volunteering in my community, I look for organizations that make my community better or make my community safer for my family. The Sheep River Health Trust is an organization that accomplishes both as it supports children in the School Meal program, it buys medical equipment such as a Portable Ultrasound machine for Oilfields General Hospital or Diagnostic Imaging chairs for the Okotoks Urgent Care Centre and it helps provide spiritual care at the Oil Fields Hospital to name a few. Best of all, all of this community work is done very quietly in the background as our community grows and it deals with rapidly growing Health and Wellness needs. This is one of my favorite charities and I volunteer here because the Sheep River Health Trust does so much to make my community better and safer, and I could think of no place better to give my volunteer time to.

2023 Fred Woodlock Photo.jpg
Fred Woodlock

We moved to the Diamond Valley 15 years ago with a plan to eventually retire. We wanted a small community with great health care for our senior years.  We found it here with a great hospital in Oilfields and a great bunch of Doctors at the Foothills Family Clinic. I have always believed in giving back and over the years have volunteered in various capacities. I look forward to serving on the Sheep River Health Trust and hopefully do my part in ensuring continued great Health care in the area.

Nairn Nerland
Nairn Nerland

Spending the day with Santa and enjoying the magical feeling that the children experience is one of my favorite volunteer days with the Sheep River Health Trust. Pictures with Santa is just one of the fundraising events the Sheep River Health Trust has to provide much needed financial support for the health centres and programs in our community.  As a member of the Board of Directors for the Trust, I take great pride in the many health funding projects that we financially support.  In my opinion, the Sheep River Health Trust and all of its dedicated volunteers are true Foothills Community Health Heroes.

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 4.17_edited.png
Pat Reader-Downey

My interest in this board is both personal and professional. I have lived in the Foothills area for nearly 30 years and have watched the growth and changes through the years. All of these changes have necessitated change to the kind of services we provide to our friends and neighbours, as well as the way we provide them. I’ve watched the Sheep River Health Trust adjust their focus over the years to ensure health and wellness initiatives are supported throughout the Foothills communities.


As a health care professional (retired) I have worked in many capacities both within health authorities and privately. My work included contributions to the electronic health record, community exercise and education programs for those with chronic disease and education for new healthcare providers. My goal includes seeing services and supports available to the Foothills community so all members of our society can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in their home communities.

Janet Scott_SRHT photo_edited.jpg
Janet Scott

I have seen firsthand the impact that the SRHT has in our community healthcare settings. I hope to offer my perspective and skills to support them in achieving the goals and objectives of the Trust. I am excited to see the SHRT continue to grow and thrive within our communities.


Community is very important to me, and creating connection with and between people, as well as caring for people, is the core piece of that. I feel that this fits well with the focus of the SRHT in how it supports various organizations through fundraisers and events that build and shape our communities.

Radiothon 2023 - Mickey & Banner_edited_
Mickey McGarvie

"Give where you live." This statement was my "why" for wanting to support my community and the Sheep River Health Trust is the perfect organization for me to do so. Since coming to Okotoks in 2018, I have been in awe of the magnitude of impact to the Foothills that the SRHT has had. After witnessing first hand how the Board of Trustee members work tirelessly to raise much needed funds for healthcare projects, I felt compelled to join them!

Join our board

Our board is comprised of members of our community with a passion for care and making a difference in the lives of others. 

If you want to be inspired, consider joining our board.

Thanks for submitting!

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